domingo, febrero 18, 2018

Child marriage, a torment for millions of girls

Poverty, ignorance and poor health, is one of the biggest obstacles for these girls

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition will get front-axle limited-slip diff at last

1,000 hatches headed to US dealers ahead of production end in 2018

Minneapolis Prepares For Plastic Bag Ban

A feedback from the public helped to make this change, with many worried about the waste and environmental impact plastic bags have on oceans

Fiat Chrysler files for 2017 diesel certification after emissions controversy

It's not clear if the EPA still intends to pursue fines against the automaker if the software updates are accepted by the agency

The murder of journalist; a serious risk for freedom of expression

Mexico is currently one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists

Loving a gay is not a crime; fight against discrimination

It is important to encourage compassion to each other

This Futuristic Mars Rover Looks Like an Awesome NASA Tank

From the looks of this concept rover, it's a vehicle that can handle any terrain on Earth (and beyond)

Mothers from all over the world

In Ruta69 we present you some pictures of our readers as moms and with their moms in the U.S.

Reasons why in the U.S they celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Over the years the battle of Puebla took new meanings for Mexican Americans, find out which ones they are. While many of non-Mexican Americans think Cinco de Mayo is just a day to drink margaritas,...