lunes, diciembre 18, 2017

Earthquake in Mexico Reveals both Progress and Neglect

A step taken not landing where expected put proof to the blare of the seismic warning alarm for many in Mexico City on the night of the 7th of September. The walls swayed, and...

Anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of race

People who have dark skin tones believe they are not at risk for skin cancer, but that is a dangerous misconception

Carpal Tunnel: The Typers’ Syndrome

By Atzín García Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (pressure on the carpal tunnel located in the wrist, and the nerves going through it) this has become the second most common musculoskeletal surgery worldwide. The main...

Jam Jar Environmentalism

Por Atzín García Jam Jar Environmentalism On a daily basis one person generates around 3 kilos of waste. This average increases depending on the level of urbanization and income of the city. Around the world we...

The Fear Muscle

By Atzín García. Some studies consider the Ilisopsoas (Psoas) the most vital muscle in your body. It is also the first muscle which can be exhausted by our daily sitting activities or extreme stress. The Psoas...

The instant story of Polaroid.

Por Atzín García  The white frame around your picture, the blur of the composition, and the instant development. That is a Polaroid.   The best way to capture a day at the park, a unique party, or...

Child marriage, a torment for millions of girls

Poverty, ignorance and poor health, is one of the biggest obstacles for these girls

Ford Focus RS Limited Edition will get front-axle limited-slip diff at last

1,000 hatches headed to US dealers ahead of production end in 2018

Minneapolis Prepares For Plastic Bag Ban

A feedback from the public helped to make this change, with many worried about the waste and environmental impact plastic bags have on oceans

Fiat Chrysler files for 2017 diesel certification after emissions controversy

It's not clear if the EPA still intends to pursue fines against the automaker if the software updates are accepted by the agency