Did you know that the majority of immigrant people who lives in Minnesota are from Morelos?



MINNESOTA.- A state that is located in the center of the Mexico. Approximately 65 percent of Mexicans who live in Minnesota are from Morelos.

Ruta69, the route of information interviewed a formal resident from Minneapolis, Minnesota who was born in Morelos and has been living in Minneapolis, Minnesota for more than 20 years.

2008feb16_Picture 254She is a mother of three children born and race in Minnesota and she told us what she missed the most of her beautiful town. Her three children often travel to Morelos, Mexico where their biological father lives with some of other extended family.

One of the most curious things about a small town in Morelos name Axochiapan that means “water flower or water lily” is that three of every ten people born there now live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our interviewee mentioned some of the places in Morelos that her children love to visit the most. Las Estacas set in a nature park with a river running through it, and surrounded by tropical gardens. Cuernavaca is the capital and the largest city of the state of Morelos, well known as the city of “eternal spring.” Cuatla and Tepoztlan popular tourist destiny consider a “magic town” is a very famous town known for the pyramid built on top of the mountain.

The Minneapolis-St-Paul area already had a large Hispanic community, served by 22 churches offering services in Spanish, 9 Spanish-language newspapers, 9 Hispanic-mostly Mexican-soccer leagues. It even has a Mexican consulate to serve the growing number of Mexicans living there.

Las Estacas, Morelos, uno de los lugares que más extrañan los inmigrantes morelenses.




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