Delta airlines kicked out two passengers for not speaking English (VIDEO)


Marbella Hinojosa. Correspondant in USA

Recently two men were kicked out of a Delta airplane for speaking a different language.

Adam Saleh states that he speaks to his mom every time he flights. His mom only speaks Arabic ,while speaking to his mom a woman in the seat in front of him turn around and told him to speak English, for what he responded he can speak any language he likes, and her husband started screaming at him.

Then approximately 20 people said they were uncomfortable with Saleh and his Arabic-speaking companion, the captain asked them to leave the plane because of other passengers’ complaints.

Saleh took a video as he is walking down the aisle and explained why he was being kicked off, some passengers empathized with them, while others were waving “bye” as they walked away.

Saleh and his friend were interviewed by police and security officials, later he got on a flight to New York with a different airline after being checked for 30 minutes.

Delta responded; “Maintaining a safe, comfortable and orderly onboard environment is paramount for every flight and requires the cooperation of all of our customers.” This is a Delta policy and is required by U.S regulations. Delta will provide an update once they have more information.  




  1. Okay… so people are afraid because he OBVIOUSLY spoke a different language. If people are so uncomfortable because they can’t understand what he is saying, then learn the language. I’m sure Rosetta Stone will give you a discount if you plead your phobic views of other ethnicities.


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