Women´s rights are human rights




MINNESOTA.- On January 21, 2017 women in Minnesota will unite at the State Capitol in St. Paul for the Women’s March. They will be marching in solidarity with their sisters in Washington, D.C.

They will stand together in solidarity with their partners and children for the protection of their rights, their safety, their health, and their families recognizing that their diverse communities are the strength of this country.

Desperation and fear increased after Election Day particularly on women, so they decided to take action and plan a “Women´s March on Washington,”  the day after the elected president inauguration and the first full day of his administration.

The march has an official permit after many weeks of negotiation with the National Park Service for an estimated 200,000 marchers, social media has the viral idea that this could be the biggest mass mobilization yet that America has seen in response to a presidential inauguration.

For those who can´t make it to Washington on January 21, numerous other women´s marches will happen across the country to be held the same day. The event is being promoted as a “march” or a “rally,” but emphatically not a “protest.”

The march represents women of all backgrounds, races, religions, ages and abilities. Men are also encouraged to participate. “The Women´s March on Washington will send a message to the new administration and to the world that women´s rights are human rights.”


  1. We have to fight for our rights, I’m scare of what is going to happen when our next president take the white house he has a long history of tawdry and stupid remarks about women.


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