Cassie De Pecol, an american woman promoting peace through the world


Marbella Hinojosa. Correspondent

MINNEAPOLIS, (7 Dec.).- Cassie De Pecol a 27 years old woman from Connecticut who has been traveling the world to promote peace through sustainable tourism as her main goal. She is also an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism and is collecting water samples for Adventures and Scientist for Conservation.


Cassie is making a documentary about her trip and she wants to break the Guinness World Record, by being the fastest woman to visit every country on earth. She has traveled to 180 countries and filled up four passports. She spends two to five days in each country, visiting schools and meeting with tourism leaders.


Since high school she had this feeling to do something big and make a positive impact in the world. Her journey started at the sovereign nation of Palau, one of the most amazing places where she has traveled to is the Middle East.


All of this negative stuff we hear in the news and from politicians about Muslims and the Middle East couldn’t be further in regards to how kind, helpful and happy the people are, generally speaking”. She enjoys the culture, landscapes, music and delicious food.


Some of her challenges so far is mental hurdles because she knows that she is alone in this expedition, however she tries to focus on the good times, and she had experience some discrimination and unfairness, but she does not associate them with her being a woman or her gender. Either way, the positives outweigh the negatives on this expedition she says.


There are many elements on Expedition 196, the most important are spreading peace through tourism, economics, promoting sustainability, advocating women´s rights and achievement.  Some of her projects are planting trees with students on this expedition (45 so far in 12 countries), collecting water samples to test for the presence of micro plastics, educating university students on the tourism field on the importance of responsible travel.


The advice she has for the people who follow her is “If you have a dream, quest or goal to not let anyone deter you from pursuing that”.



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